5 Free Marketing Tips to Find a House to Flip in Victorville, Hesperia, Apple Valley, and Adelanto

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Giving up is easy when you cannot find a good deal. Excuses arise like “there is too much competition,”prices are too high,” or the most commonly used “I don’t have any money”. Little do you know it is not as hard as you think. Here are five important marketing strategies that I use daily in the cities of Victorville, Adelanto, Apple Valley, and Hesperia that are free and simple to get started:

  1. Make relationships with real estate agents and property managers in your area.

I have made relationships with over 100 real estate agents in Victorville, Adelanto, Hesperia, and Apple Valley. I strongly believe that relationships are the most important way to find the best deals. Through these relationships I now receive calls from agents about properties before they hit the market. Recently I cold called a property manager in Adelanto and inquired about a specific client’s property after learning from a local that it was being listed. I knew I wanted to buy this property in Adelanto before it hit the market. While this specific property in Adelanto did not work out for me until two years later, I did ask the local the most important question to ask property managers which is “do any of your clients have any problem tenant’s that are not paying rent and want to sell their property”? Fortunately for me, she had a client who had not received rent for over a year and wanted to sell their house in Adelanto, California. Days later we came to terms on a deal significantly under market value and we were both happy with the results. With this deal, I made over $30,000 and paid the property manager $1,000 for the referral. Without this relationship building with both the local and the property manager this deal would not have come to fruition.

  1. Don’t be afraid to make an offer you think is “too low”

I check the multiple listing service (MLS) daily for new or relisted properties in Apple Valley, Hesperia, Adelanto, and Victorville. A lot of people check the MLS and assume there are no deals on here today and move on with their day. What becomes misunderstood is the asking price is always going to be the set price. Several times this year I have made cash offers much lower than the asking price thinking to myself they probably will not accept this offer and they either do or counter close to my offer. There are many reasons why people would accept lower offers. If a property does not pass an inspection banks will not loan to the average buyer, giving an advantage to the cash buyer. Sometimes people would accept the lower offer due to unforeseen circumstances like death, divorce, debt, or disaster likely having less money to invest into the property. Other times, someone will inherit the property and prefer quick and easy cash. There are so many different reasons why someone will sell for less but if you do not offer less you will never know if they will take less, potentially missing out on many opportunities. Remember, it is always free to make an offer.

  1. Browse and post on Craigslist daily.

Posting Craigslist ads is an easy and efficient way to find sellers. Some sellers do not want to deal with a real estate agent so they go straight to Craigslist to look for someone like you to buy from them. If you are not posting these ads, you lose out on opportunities to other postings. Some sellers will post their own properties on craigslist to save 5-6% commission from a real estate agent. You need to be checking daily because your competition is checking and may scoop up a good deal before you have even see it. If you want to sell without using a real estate agent Craigslist is also a fantastic way to find buyers.

  1. Driving for dollars and cold calling.

If you are familiar with real estate lingo you know the term driving for dollars. You may be wondering what exactly this is. Well, its simple. It is driving around in your car and looking for specific properties you may be interested in. I tend to look for properties that look vacant or distressed in Apple Valley, Hesperia, Adelanto, and Victorville. I find that if the trash cans are not visible, the driveway is empty, the windows are boarded, or the lawn is not mowed the house it is most definitely vacant. When I am lucky I will find a for sale by owner sign and call the owner directly. Other times a neighbor may have a whole story on the people who own the vacant house and give you their phone number. When I am not as lucky I take down the address and make a list of all houses I think I can purchase. I then try and find the phone number using one of many sites that do so. From there, I cold call and sometimes I get deals this way. If they are not ready to sell just yet, it is still important to follow up and stay in contact.

  1. Offer referral fees to people living in the neighborhood you want to buy in.

Early on in my real estate career my mentor and I would drive up to Apple Valley, Adelanto, Hesperia and Victorville, CA. As we were driving around he would always stop and talk to everyone. He asked the same question do you own or rent? If the answer was rent he would add them to his renters database. If the answer was own he would ask are you interested in selling your house or do you know anyone who is? He would leave his card with everyone and let them know he will give them a referral fee of $500 or more if he ends up buying a house that they gave him the lead for. I was just a nineteen-year-old kid at the time and I was mesmerized by his ability to talk to people and how well his persistence worked. He instilled these practices in me and now a few times a year I buy a house because of a referral. I paid out $4,000 in referrals just this year and I couldn’t be happier to pay because together, we all made money.

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Here are some pictures of properties on bought in the last year in Adelanto, Apple Valley, Hesperia, and Victorville: